How To Love Me & Deal Breakers

This blog post was inspired by Shanboody How to love me Be persistent & consistent Show me you are worth my time and effort through your time and effort Reciprocate my affection I am a very physically affectionate person and love when I get it in return Keep an open line of honest communication I... Continue Reading →

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My first time at Curlfest was magical. It was the first time I'd been to an event that emphasized blackness through hair. This was 2015, only two years after I did my first big chop and joined the natural hair community. Most of my encounter with other naturals was online, rarely did I ever see... Continue Reading →


Hills, valleys, mountains. No matter how tough the climb I still can't seem to get that peace of mind I try hard for you, harder than you think I do But all you seem to think about is what I DON'T do Trying so hard to show you This isn't what you're used to But... Continue Reading →

A Mother’s Love

My child whom I harbored in my womb Nine months I carried you Terrified of your arrival From the moment you were born I am to protect your survival A mother. The scariest thought to me Only thing I can do is be the best mother I can be Am I perfect? No not to... Continue Reading →

Having an Abortion

It's my freshman year of college. The beginning of my second semester. And I'm pregnant. 2 days late- "Maybe my body is adjusting to the change in my eating habits." 4 days late- "Maybe I'm just stressed out." After a week of my period being a no-show I started to panic. I had one of... Continue Reading →

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