Hills, valleys, mountains. No matter how tough the climb

I still can’t seem to get that peace of mind

I try hard for you, harder than you think I do

But all you seem to think about is what I DON’T do

Trying so hard to show you

This isn’t what you’re used to

But what came to my realization is that once the deal is done

Some battles can’t be won

You’ll never see me for who I am

It’s about who you want me to be

But your perfect image doesn’t fit me

I’m a women of many flaws but I’m flawed oh so beautifully

The truth is you don’t accept me

See the thing about acceptance, it isn’t all that necessary

I’m more permanent than temporary

More like a lasting stain you’ll never be able to wipe away

You might not like me now but I bet you’ll wish I stayed

Trying so hard to be someone that fits your description

Trust me, I KNOW I’ll be what you’re missing

Something about me that makes me oh so different

Thats why I place myself outside of your definition

There’s no need for me to try to fit inside your box

Boxes aren’t for women like me

Im more like the plant that grows and blooms VERY differently

Ordinary, not in the least bit

I’m more odd than even

And with that being sad

Let me give you a few more reasons

A heart of gold, so I’ve been told

Drive, determination, and plenty of passion

Loving, forgiving and always romantic

See what I noticed is you only seem to notice the qualities that need some work

But I’m God’s creation

And he does beautiful work

The best thing about me is I’m beautiful inside and out

Those qualities are hard to come about

Not perfect at all

And I have plenty of growing to do

The difference between me and you

I see the woman you choose not to see

And even though she was made oh so different

She was made phenomenally


Submission from fellow unicorn, Lovely Golden Cloud

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