Introvert problems…

I have to plan when I’m going to do something. I literally have to mentally prepare myself to do tasks the night before.

I have tasks I need to complete? I’m more likely to complete them efficiently if I’ve planned for them the night prior.

to-do-list-toolsGoing out to a club/lounge/bar every weekend? I can not! Once a month works fine for me but I must be told a few days in advance that going out to one of these places is the plan.

Then after these events I feel completely drained and need two days of solitude to recharge. I only attend these type of things because it’s what my friends like to do and I kind of like my friends.


Things I’d much rather do….

  • Go to an outdoor concert
  • Go out to eat
  • Go to a museum, gallery, or outdoor lounge
  • Go to a festival, outdoor market, carnival, or any outdoor event.
  • Just about anything that isn’t a combination of loud, crowded, and indoor.


It could be the result of sensory overload, anxiety, claustrophobia, and being an introvert. Since I usually don’t want to go to certain type of events (which is usually where my friends want to go) I often don’t get invited to go. Most of my days are spent at home, on my laptop.

introvert-happy-placeDoes social events drain you? Do you often want to go places but the thought of going to a club makes you go “ehhh I’ll just watch Netflix”?


4 thoughts on “Introvert problems…

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      1. I was the same way! Now my initial reaction is to say no, but I’ve come to realize that my initial reaction isn’t always the final decision and I pause and process everything. I wish I was more carefree like I was before. I’m now trying to balance regaining who I was with accepting who I am today. I’m still a work in progress!


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