No, You Cannot Lose Your Virginity to a Tampon…


Using Disposable Pads

I feel like the first menstrual product every girl starts with is a pad. It’s seen as the safest, widely accepted menstrual product to use. For three years I was using pads, uncomfortable and annoyed for 5-7 days every month.

Pads are/were my least favorite menstrual product. I don’t like that you can feel the blood sitting against your skin or that you can feel the gush of blood when you laughed or did anything strenuous.

On top of that pads were irritating  (itchy, sticky, and just plain uncomfortable). My go to brand was Always Infinity because the memory foam gave me the most comfort.

I wanted to try tampons but people kept telling me that virgins shouldn’t use them because you could lose your virginity to a tampon and out of naivety I believed it.

No, You Cannot Lose Your Virginity To A Tampon!


Using Disposable Tampons

Once I started using tampons (no longer a virgin) I never looked back. I didn’t have to worry about bleeding through my clothes, vaginal discomfort, or feeling that gush of blood every time I laughed.

Now I had to worry about toxic shock syndrome but it was a risk I was willing to take and with U by Kotex holding me down I didn’t have a care in the world. For seven years tampons were my go to and it wasn’t until I ended up on the alternative side of YouTube that I found out there were so many other options.

Things like reusable/organic tampons & pads weren’t even a thought on my mind until I saw product reviews.


Using Menstrual Cups (Silicone)

After a few months of debating, I decided to give the Sckoon cup a try. This is when I started to become more familiar with the structure of my vagina.

When using a menstrual cup you need to know where your cervix sits (anteverted or retroverted), how it sits (high or low), how active your pelvic muscles are and how heavy your flow is.  So far I’ve tried three different cups.

The Sckoon cup size A (the size suggested for women who’ve never given birth) was too short and too malleable. The DivaCup cup size 1 ( suggested for women who’ve never given birth) was the right size but still too malleable.

I now use the MeLuna Sport size large. I have only used it once but the firmness works so much better for me.

After using menstrual cups for about 7 months (and not being on birth control) I have noticed that my periods are much shorter (usually 3-4 days), I have less cramping and bloating, and my irritability during my period are at an all time low.

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