Birth Control: My Horrible Experiences

Youtube- Birth Control: My Horrible Experiences

People have many different reasons for taking birth control. Some take it to help with cramping, lighten their period, or remove their period altogether.

My only reason for taking birth control was to prevent pregnancy. Each and every form of birth control that I have tried had the most bizarre side effects on me.

Depo Provera

The first birth control I tried was the shot (Depo Provera ). A few of the side effects are weight gain, light to no period, and nausea. The side effect that I had was an extended period (a never ending menstrual).

One shot works for approximately three months and I took a total of three shots. For nine months I had my period. I would bleed for about 12 days then have TWO days without blood.

So it effectively did what it was suppose to do, prevent pregnancy, because I was bleeding all the time. Why didn’t I stop taking it after the first three months? I truly believed my body just needed time adjusting.

Nuva Ring

The second form of birth control I tried was the NuvaRing. It worked fine but I noticed that every time I wore it the back of my knees would hurt.

When the pain got to the point where I couldn’t walk I decided to check for other side effects it could have (I know, I waited too long). Of course the first thing I saw was “blood clots” and “knee pain”. After seeing that I immediately removed the ring and explored other birth control options.

The Pill

The third form of birth control I tried was the pill. Im not sure of the exact name. I thought I would have a difficult time remembering to take it on time not even realizing that that would be the least of my worries.

The first day that I started the pill I was  sick, throwing up constantly. The next morning I woke up with a metallic taste in my mouth (the birth control contained iron(Fe)).

I tried to put on chapstick and realized that the left side of my mouth was numb. I thought I just slept on my face wrong. As the day progressed I realized that I couldn’t feel the entire left side of my face.

I immediately went to the emergency room to find out that the left side of my face was paralyzed and the doctors had no idea why. They completely dismissed the fact that the only thing that changed within the past month was me starting the pill the day prior.

I had to use a sleep mask to effectively close my eyes when I slept. It took months for me to gain full control of my face but one side of my face still tends to droop( you can see the effect it had in the difference between my eyes).


The fourth and last form of birth control I tried was the  IUD (Mirena). I figured this was the best option because it lasts for five years and the hormones go directly to where they are needed. Boy was I wrong.

I began clotting constantly, which means my cramps were out of this world. My period would last for weeks, be gone for weeks, then come back at the worst moments like when you’re a cashier at an arena with a line of 50 people waiting impatiently to order before they miss something exciting.

After a year of sporadic periods and terrible clotting, I had the mirena removed.


I’ve come to the conclusion that mainstream birth control just isn’t for me. I am not currently on any birth control and I’m celibate (so no worries about pregnancy).

I can say that removing birth control and using a menstrual cup have been the best decisions I made. I no longer cramp plus my periods are short and sweet (smooth sailing).

As for when I decide to have sex again, I’ll try the Femme Cycle and Lady comp. This form of birth control is non-hormonal and all natural which means it wont interrupt your body’s equilibrium.

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