Learning to Love Your Body

As kids we have a certain level of innocence, a purity because we haven’t been heavily tainted by society and the people around us yet. It isn’t until we start to grow up that we are taught to love or hate certain features we possess.

Comments that aren’t seen as a big deal like “Do you eat?” or “Are you sure you should be eating that?” have a much greater effect than people realize. It pushes people to think that something is wrong with their weight or physical appearance which causes them to become extremely body conscious.

Sooner or later you have a self-conscious and insecure teen/adult. Keeping up with a socially acceptable body image is practically impossible. Instead of creating a body that others will accept, strive to love the body you have or create the body you love.

I was often teased for being too skinny. I’ve heard jokes such as “You can dodge raindrops”, “You’re nothing but skin and bones” and “If you turned to the side you’d disappear”.

The jokes may have been funny to the people saying them but I wasn’t laughing. I’ve even had people ask me on multiple occasions if I was sick, suffering from anorexia or bulimia.

These things caused me to shop in the boys section. Rather than wearing straight legged jeans I’d wear boys cargo pants. It took me a while to love the body I have.

These are some of the things I did to help me learn to love my body….

  • Sleep naked (be free)
  • Stand naked in the mirror (get use to seeing yourself naked)
  • Say two positive affirmations a day about your body (focus on the good)
  • Point out the features on your body that you love
  • Don’t compare yourself to others ( be your own body goals)
  • Wear sexy underwear ( it’s a great confidence booster)
  • Treat yourself ( get a mani/pedi, wax/shave, get a haircut or a new style)

Create the body you love

  • Eat a healthy diet that fits you (a good diet makes you feel good)
  • Exercise (workout with intent)
  • Surgical enhancements ( make sure your reason for doing this is not based on someone else’s wants or preferences)
  • Have a goal in mind (when you look at yourself in the mirror what do you envision yourself looking like?)

Learning to Love Your Body

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  1. This is so dead on target and something that needs to be said. My daughter went through body image hell and she took me along for the ride. Loving yourself with no reservations is the key to self confidence. Continue to write these insightful blogs on subjects that a lot of times we hate to admit relates to us. So proud to know you❤️


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