Brittany Williams is a young entrepreneur with a love for yoga. She started creating the life she wanted by launching her YouTube channel in 2015. She then began posting video tutorials for her ever changing hairstyles as well as selling her handmade hair & body products. In 2017 she started this blog in hopes of using it as an emotional outlet as well as possibly reaching others who have had similar experiences. Today, Brittany continues to grow her youtube channel, business and knowledge of yoga.


The mission is to inspire, encourage, & empower people to live wildly: without restraint, with passion. Be unapologetically, almost maniacally you!

To be wild is to be uninhibited. Rather than living for others with you in mind, live for you with others in mind.


Brittany is also founder and CEO of Tehsur , a handmade product line composed of natural ingredients. This line promotes healthy hair & skin, making self care simple.

Treat yo’self!

Use code: Brittish for 15% off your next order.

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